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4 Alternatives to Google Maps on Windows Phone 8

Of late, relation between Google and Microsoft has been all time low as Google mentioned that they won’t be releasing any official Google apps for Windows Phone 8. Recently it was found that Windows Phone users were not able to access Google maps on their browser, but Google has clarified that it will be opening access to Windows Phone users soon. Windows Phone 8 users does have a good maps app which is using Nokia maps data. And if you are using a Nokia Lumia branded phone, then you have Nokia Maps and Drive available for navigation.

If you are looking for alternatives for maps on Windows Phone 8, then here are some good free alternatives.

1. gMaps:

gMaps is one of the best maps app for Windows Phone which has both paid and free tool (ad supported). It provides features like public transit, directions, driver mode etc. The app is fully featured and uses Google Maps data. It is a worthy alternative to Google Maps on Windows Phone. gMaps can be downloaded from here.

2. Maps+

Maps+ is yet another decent maps app for Windows Phone, but this map is powered by Bing maps. Maps Plus (Maps+) is an easy to use, powerful way to find directions, points of interest, locations, and anything else you&#;re looking for. You can download Maps+ from here.

3. Google Maps (Unofficial):

With Google Maps (unofficial) version you get comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps with built-in Google local search, voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transit directions, Street View and more. You can download Google Maps from here.

4. Bingle Maps:

Bingle Maps is a full featured map application that searches, finds directions, drops pins and synchronizes with DropBox. It integrates with both Google Maps and Bing Maps. This app comes with quite a lot of features and you can download it from here.

Looking at the alternatives available, we really don’t think not having the official Google Maps for Windows Phone is an issue.

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Google maps windows phone 8 download